What Is Mogadishu Known For?

Mogadishu sultanate was part of the medieval Somali sultanate. It is very important to know that it is the historical important Indian Ocean named as Bender coast. They are situated in southern Somalia.

mogadishu known, the white pearl of the indian ocean.
Maka Al-Mukarama Road, Mogadishu

What Is Mogadishu Known For?

Under the rule of Fakhr ad-Din, they are the preeminent power of the horn of Africa. They all were before the Ajuran Empire.

We can say that before the 13 century. Mogadishu, Somali Muqdisho, Italian Mogadiscio, Arabic Maqdishu, is located over the largest port named Somalia. This is located over the north equator of the Indian Ocean.

This sultanate is famous for its gold trading network. Mogadishu sultanate trade gold for a huge amount. They create their own currency and left behind a beautiful architectural legacy for the present day in Somalia.

This is completely in touch with the coast, and the Arabic speakers give the Somalia coast name. In the 12th century, Yaqut al-Hamawi visited this city then hedeclared that it is the richest and powerful city in the region.

In the 13 century, the Mogadishu sultanate came under the Arjun sultanate, which is the golden age period for the Mogadishu sultanate.

The Arabs founded Mogadishu in the 10th century, and then it became the capital of Somalia; along with that, it is the chief port of Somalia.

The Ajuran families and Muduffarhave established a dynasty. This is the earliest Arab sultanate which was established near about the 10th century and decline under the 16th century.

At that time, there was a trade between Arab states and all types of commercial relations to obeying the Portuguese. Imams come under the control of the Sultan of Zanzibar in 1871.

But before that, all imams were also having good relations with the Mogadishu sultanate. The Italians leased the Somalia port in 1892.

After that, this port was sold after coming British government pressure. This is a type of protectorate with the sultan of Zanzibar.

However, Italian Somaliland and Somalia trust territory became the capital of Mogadishu after independence in 1960. Old building architecture that is present in Somalia was under reconstruction. After that, schools and hospitals open for the children and people who are living there.

Somalia National University was founded in 1954, and after that, it became the national museum of the sultan of Zanzibar.

Basically, we are clear that Mogadishu is known for trading simply because it was the best and trusted route for the trading of gold. There are two battles that were fought with Mogadishu.

It is also the center of the thriving weaving industry. This industry is also known as Toob Benadir. Product specialization for the market of Egypt and Syria.

The White Pearl of the Indian Ocean

The White Pearl of the Indian Ocean is known as Bahrain. Before going in deep, we must know about the White pearl. It is a type of strong shimmering material that is formed with the help of soft tissue, a live shelled mollusk, or some other species of animals.

Bahrain is a type of island which is located over the gulf. Both are gulf between the Qatar peninsula and the Saudi Arabian eastern coast. This is the reason behind Bahrain being known as the white pearl of the Indian Ocean.

The reason behind Bahrain’s being known as the white pearl of the Indian ocean is that the farming is to be done in that country. On the basis of that farming, it is to be known as the pearl of the Indian ocean. Pearl farming had a huge impact throughout the world. That is holding a great contribution to the economy of Bahrain.

Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls are noted for the pearl’s enormous luster and that they vary in colors like white to light yellow. These pearls are costlier than cultured or processed pearls.

The Pearling Trail in Bahrain, which is a crucial part of the country’s culture, has been formally recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Thanks to these above-mentioned factors, we will say that: ‘Bahrain’ is that the country known to be the ‘Island of pearls.’

The pearl is also termed as Natural Arabian Gulf Pearls. These pearls are mostly famous for their high luster and high range in color.

The pearls that the oyster-controlled farmers create under favorable conditions are expensive as compare to cultured pearls.

They are expensive because they are found in limited quality, and their size is big as compared to others.

Mogadishu became popular and was promoted as the White Pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its white buildings, green palm trees, and the blue water of the ocean.

However, in 1991 the civil war came into existence which ended up destroying families, lives, and infrastructure.

For more than twenty-five years, Somalia had to face internal conflicts and destabilization.

Presently, the country is moving ahead in the direction of development, leaving behind the dark stories of the past and beautiful buildings which now look like a carcass of what they used to be.

However, with the demolition of archaeologically noteworthy structures in the old quarters and the construction of the taller buildings and shopping centers, the people of Mogadishu have a mixed opinion.

In order to sustain the momentum in national reconstruction, the country’s economic development will require to be in a balance. Along with this, mindful efforts should be taken to build peace for a long period of time.

In today’s time, Mogadishu is emerging again as a vital commercial center. As a developing post-conflict city, Mogadishu requires openness and hospitality in order to be the “White Pearl of the Indian Ocean” once again.

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