Everything You Should Know About the Beauty of Mogadishu

Have you ever visited Mogadishu before? If no then you should know that it is the capital of Somalia which is a beautiful place to visit and spend a holiday.

about mogadishu,
Liido Beach, Mogadishu

Everything about Mogadishu is impressive and unique. There are a number of places to spend your peaceful vacations. 

About the Beauty of Mogadishu

If you are more like a history person and like to spend your time at historical places, then Mogadishu in Somalia is your dream city.

It has a rich culture known for its revolutionary moments and will give you ancient vibes. The world is full of mysterious places, so why not unfold these mysteries one by one and start it with Mogadishu.

So if you are planning to visit Mogadishu here in this article, you will know everything about us and every detail about Somalia. Keep reading the article.

What is Mogadishu? 

Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, is the country’s largest city. For centuries, the city has been an important port for traders from all over the Indian Ocean.

Mogadishu is located on the Indian Ocean’s coast in the Banaadir region, which, unlike other Somali regions, is a municipality rather than a maamul goboleed (federal state)

There are numerous theories about the origins of the name Mogadishu (Muqdisho). Still, it is most likely originated from the morphology of the Somali words “Muuq” and “Disho,” which means “Blinder,” possibly indicating the city’s blinding beauty.

Hunter-gatherers first settled in southern Somalia, including the Mogadishu region, according to legend and historical records.

Even though the majority of these early inhabitants are thought to have been overpowered, driven away, or, in some cases, incorporated by later migrants to the area, physical traces of their occupation can still be found in certain ethnic minority groups living in modern-day Europe. 

The Turkish investment in the Aden Adde International Airport has resulted in massive renovations; there are now flight routes to Istanbul and Dubai, and there is always potential in the throbbing Bakaara Market and the gorgeous Mogadishu Old Town, which cascades down to the Indian Ocean in a smattering of crenulated Italianesque mansions.

Culture and History of Capital Of Somalia

mogadishu rising, daarusalaam
Daarusalaam Garden, Mogadishu

Traveling to Mogadishu can provide you with a time-traveling experience. This land is associated with various myths and stories from the Sultanate era, Italian imperialism, republicanism, and civil war.

Although this region has been a battleground for many years, things are changing, and the city is rebuilding after the devastation of civil war.

Mogadishu is changing. It is now governed by a single authority, and private investors are returning. It is worth noting that this city is currently experiencing a boom in the real estate sector and the hospitality, aviation, and telecommunications industries.

Few Things to keep in mind about Mogadishu:

1) Market

The Barre administration established Bakaara Market in late 1972. It functioned as a free market for the sale of goods and services such as produce and clothing.

After the civil war began, the market was taken over by various militant groups, who used it as a base for their operations. Renovations at the market resumed after Mogadishu was pacified in 2011.

Shops were renovated and reopened, selling everything from fruit and clothing to building materials. Barkaara Market’s real estate values have risen significantly in line with the rest of the city.

In 2013, a newly constructed warehouse at the market was rented for $2,000 per month by a local Tabaarak firm.

2) Food

Muufo, a flatbread made of ground corn flour, is the most popular bread. Somalis season their food with butter and ghee, a clear liquid extracted from melted butter. Sugar, sorghum, or honey are also used to sweeten their food. Pasta and marinara sauce are a holdover from the Italian occupation of the south.

Restaurants are popular in cities, but until the late 1990s, women rarely ate out with men. Many restaurants serve Arab cuisine, while others serve Italian. International restaurants, particularly in Mogadishu, offer Chinese, European, and occasionally American cuisine.

3) Places To Worship

They are mostly Muslim mosques among the places of worship. Christian churches include the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadishu (Catholic Church), Protestant churches, and Evangelical churches.

The Mosque of Islamic Solidarity was constructed in 1987 with funds arranged by the Saudi Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Foundation.

It is the city’s main mosque and an iconic structure in Somali society. It is the largest masjid in the Horn of Africa, with a capacity of up to 10,000 worshippers. The federal government completed formal renovations to the mosque’s infrastructure in 2015.

The Rise of Mogadishu

Top 5 Places To Visit In Mogadishu 

From the urban sprawl of Mogadishu, Somalia to the cloud-toped, camel-spotted peaks of the Cal Madow ranges in the north, this country has flawlessly depicted a picture of what Africa was like before mass safari-going.

Here are 5 places that you must know about Somalia and its capital Mogadishu to visit

1) Mogadishu Lighthouse

This site was destroyed during the civil war, but it is now a city landmark. Although it is no longer in use, it provides an incredible view of the bay if you dare to climb up.

2) Arba’a Rukun Mosque

It is also known as the four-pillared mosque. This mosque is one of the few structures in the city that has not been demolished. According to local legend, this mosque was built by the last Prophet Muhammad’s direct descendant (PBUH).

3) Lido Beach or Liido Beach

Lido Beach, along with other beaches in Somalia, has the potential to make this country one of the most entertaining and tourist destinations in Africa.

Visitors to Lido Beach have a lot to look forward to. Just to name a few, there are excellent seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood and local cuisine, high-end hotels, and beautiful lush green parks.

Furthermore, Lido Beach has warm and sunny weather all year, making it an ideal beach getaway in any season. Furthermore, the local Somalis are friendly and welcoming.

They will ensure that your stay at Mogadishu Lido Beach is safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

4) Mogadishu Cathedral

Built during the Italian colonial period, the ruins of this cathedral still remind visitors of what a magnificent piece of architecture it once was. The Somali government has recently expressed interest in reconstructing the cathedral as a symbol of religious harmony.

5) Jazeera Beach

After Lido Beach, Jazeera Beach is just a few kilometers from the capital city. On weekends, thousands of people flock here to unwind and partake in some water activities. Jazeera beach is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is a must-see destination. 


The best thing about Somalia is its capital Mogadishu. The above article has mentioned everything about Mogadishu.

So if you are the type of person who likes to travel to different and unique places, then Mogadishu is the place you are looking for.

It has a rich history and culture that anyone can fall in love with. So what are you waiting for? Plan your very next vacation In Mogadishu, Somalia, and read the above article to know everything about us.

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